Things To Know Before Using Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a classic way to decorate the wall in any part of the house. Before getting excited to use this material to accent your wall, there are some things you should know before using wallpaper.

Choose the Right Type

When picking a wallpaper, you can get really overwhelmed with the many varieties of wallpaper colors and styles. For moisture rich areas at home like kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl type of wallpaper will do the works. It’s best option to use non-woven papers and fabrics for dry areas at homes like bedrooms and corridors.

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Choose the Right Adhesive

When purchasing adhesive for wallpaper, check out the label thoroughly. It’s essential to know the difference between paper and vinyl as there are specially made specific adhesive for different types of wallpaper.

Check Out the Measurements of the Area

Before purchasing the wallpaper, measure the area where you’ll be using the wallpaper to be certain on how many wallpapers you’ll be working with. For waste and excess, it’s best to purchase additional rolls of paper. When hanging wallpaper, don’t expect to have it done perfectly as a mistake could happen.

Leveling is Analytical

Installing wallpaper must be level as your house maybe or maybe not. Be certain your sheet is level perfectly. Make use of the measuring tape if things aren’t flush when you get to a corner.

Work with Smooth Walls

Sanding your walls may be needed and then wipe it out using a wet sponge and light detergent. When installing wallpaper, it’s very important to work with a smooth wall surface.

Before You Start, Know Where You’re Up to

To where your seams are going to be on the wall, always plot out. Your finish could possibly be a mismatched pattern in the middle of your wall if you don’t.

No, no to Reuse Razors

Don’t use them sparingly as razors dull fast. To avoid rips, keep your cuts clean. So you’ll have enough extras on hand, buy a box of a hundred.

Don’t Forget to Book the Wallpaper

Wallpaper will expand after it’s on the wall and will result in seams and bubbles if you don’t book your paper for about five minutes.

Make Use of Wallpaper Sweep

Stop usage of brush and utilize a wallpaper sweep when installing a wallpaper.

Eliminate Bubbles in a Calm Way

A simple puncture the bubble with a small pin will do the works and flatten out the paper gently using the wallpaper sweep as air will most likely get trapped in between upon installation.


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