In Naples, Your Wood Floor Should Match Your Roof, Here’s why!

Wear and Tear. You may need to ponder to consider carpet instead if you have extended family like pets that could scratch your hardwood stairs. In addition, due to the slippery surface, pets could fall or be reluctant to climb up or down the stairs.

Sound. Wood material for stairs doesn’t give much sound penetration. If you are uneasy to hear walking noise as others walk up and down the stairs, you may hear creaking or stomping.

Cost. The original hardwood flooring on your stairs maybe in good condition to refurbish thus it is helpful on saving on expense. A general rule to take into consideration before you make a decision, that hardwood generally costs twice as much as carpet.

Appearance and Flow. Make sure to consider the appearance and flow of the home if you really wanted hardwood stairs while the rest of your home is carpeted. It’s always hard choosing the right hardwood floors for your home. Do some research, check at photos to get innovation before picking on a different flooring option for your stairs; this will establish you won’t regret the outcome.

Home Protection. Wood flooring can be a threatening type of flooring material although using this material on stairs can provide a smooth, earthy vibe and modern feel to your home. There’s not much shield to protect if an unwanted fall is to happen as wooden stairs can be slippery. Wood stairs may not be the best option in terms of human safety must especially if you have children, seniors or even sleepwalkers in your home.

Taking into consideration the danger, still, there is a room for adjustment if you really prefer using wood stairs are a must-have for your home. Use stair treads, as this can provide style, safety, and functionality, which are non-slip pads installed on your wood stairs. It’s a sure deal that you’ll find the kind that you like since it comes in many different colors and materials. You can hire true epoxy pros, or you simply lay them on the wood stair yourself — to install them because most stair treads have a non-slip backing. You can put adhesive tape on the bottom of the stair tread, ensuring it will stay in place for added traction.

Maintenance. Wood flooring is a low-maintenance option material for your home so no need to brainstorm on how to clean it. Cleaning mostly involves sweeping and mopping as hardwood floors don’t collect as much dust or allergens compared to carpet. 

Always try to match your hardwood floors to your roofing naples fl.


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