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Flooring: Types of Travertine Products

There are different forms for travertine products. Depending on the product type, they vary in size and thickness. For example, tile has a different size than slabs and pavers and each size comes with a different purpose. They come in all finishes. Travertine Tiles The thickness of the tiles is usually ½”. The travertine tiles […]

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Things To Know Before Using Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a classic way to decorate the wall in any part of the house. Before getting excited to use this material to accent your wall, there are some things you should know before using wallpaper. Choose the Right Type When picking a wallpaper, you can get really overwhelmed with the many varieties of […]

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In Naples, Your Wood Floor Should Match Your Roof, Here’s why!

Wear and Tear. You may need to ponder to consider carpet instead if you have extended family like pets that could scratch your hardwood stairs. In addition, due to the slippery surface, pets could fall or be reluctant to climb up or down the stairs. Sound. Wood material for stairs doesn’t give much sound penetration. […]

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